Road to Grand Championship

Welcome to Cards & Hobbies Road to Grand Championship.
How to get on the road you ask? Well, first of all you will need to score yourself a Champion's Pass (STAMP CARD), the pass is easily obtainable when u join our daily events aka "Champion's Trials".

There are 3 steps to get on the right path to be a Champion:

  • Firstly, you would be attending Champion's Trial (daily events) to prove your hunger and thirst to be a Champion.
  • Once you completed Champion's Trial, you would need to prove yourself in the Champion's League which happens every month.
    Winner of every Champion's League will be automatically qualified to join the Grand Championship which happens yearly!
  • Grand Championship will be an exclusive event only for the chosen ones that went through trials and tribulations to reach the final showdown. The Champion amongst the chosen one, will be rewarded handsomely by us.

The infographic below should offer a clearer picture:

8 Stamps
(Within the month)
Monthly Winner +
Other Conditions (TBC)

*Monthly Event - Total cash prize worth RM 1,500

Champion's Trial (Daily Events)

These are your first step towards reaching the summit. We offer a variety of events of different formats. Each event awards you with a stamp. The stamp will show us your grit and determination to emerge as the Champion. Collect 6 Stamps by joining the daily events, and automatically enter the Champion's League with no additional charges.
6 stamps must be collected by the cut off date for the monthly event.

  • Collect 8 Stamps and automatically enjoy the benefits of getting 10% off EVERYTHING in the store!
  • Note that the stamps on the Champion's Pass are good only for the month stated on the card.
  • There will be no rollover of stamps to the next month.
How to Collect Stamp Image