Modern Horizons 3

Rosheen, Roaring Prophet

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Card Type:

Legendary Creature — Giant Shaman

Mana Cost:


Oracle Text:

When Rosheen, Roaring Prophet enters the battlefield, mill six cards. You may put a card with X-symbol in its mana cost from among them into your hand.
T-symbol: Reveal any number of cards with X-symbol in their mana cost in your hand. Add C-symbolC-symbol for each card revealed this way. Spend this mana only on costs that contain X-symbol.


Not Legalstandard
Not Legalfuture
Not Legalmodern
Not Legallegacy
Not Legalpauper
Not Legalvintage
Not Legalpenny
Not Legalcommander
Not Legalduel
Not Legalbrawl